Brand Your Credit Card USB

USB Credit Card Printing Methods


USB Business Cards are available in 2 materials, plastic and metal. The metal type is made from brushed aluminum and can be both engraved and screen printed. For example you could screen print a 3 colour pantone corporate logo and then laser engrave the USB with contact details. Or a solid black could be applied to the whole face and the logo then engraved so that it is reversed out of the aluminium (as in the Puma example).

The plastic usb credit cards are designed to be printed in CMYK so can be used for full colour images such as photographs or multi coloured logos with gradients.
This effect is very colourful and the cost reduction of not using metal makes these the most affordable business card USB. Our designs use high quality plastic and should not be confused with the inferior models available from far east suppliers. The plastic case also makes them cheaper to ship so not only is there an overall cost reduction for supply but if there is a mail fulfilment element of the project then there will be further savings.

The third kind uses a plastic base and the design is printed using dome resin printing. This involves printing full colour and then creating a resin lens dome over the print which gives it a magical almost 3D effect. These are just as cost effective as the standard plastic designs but have the added advantage of being faster to manufacture, so lead times can be as little as one or two days. If you need USB Credit Cards in 48 hours or less then this is really the only option. If you require any help or advice on designs and print styles then please contact us or fill in the quote request form.

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