Credit Card USB


Credit Card USB


Promotional thumb drive designs have come a long way since the simple screen printed plastic cases of 2002. Advances in controller chips means that it is now possible to fit high capacity flash memory in ever smaller sticks.

One of the most exciting developments of this is business cards as thin as a wafer which can be printed on both sides. These wafer style or creditcard designs make perfect business tools for the executive that needs to hand over important documents or data to clients in electronic form. This can be given to the client safe in the knowledge that it is unlikely to be binned. It fits perfectly into a wallet and can store up to 32GB of data. For high security applications or sensitive data a version with AES encryption is also available.

We can supply card shaped drives in about 10 days or if you have an urgent requirement then see here for our Business Card USB Express service.

With a large branding area of 80cm by 50cm on both sides there is plenty of room for both corporate logo and contact details. With designs that can be engraved as well as screen printed there are a wide variety of effects that can be achieved. Metal designs can be both engraved and screen printed and plastic designs can be printed in CMYK for full colour. More information about how we create your promotional Flash Drive here.


As well as a business tool for executives looking to impress, these drives also make excellent marketing tools due to the large branding area. Either as a free giveaway with your products branding, or as a means of delivering PDF catalogues or video showreels. Emails with links are easy to delete, a flash drive with your company’s brochure is highly unlikely to find itself in the trash! Our data upload service can ensure your content is delivered securely.


Remember that classic scene in American Psycho where the Cristian Bale character is having a Business Card duel with his colleagues?
Imagine that scene played out in the 21st Century. Rather than a discussion on the relative merits of a particular font and embossing, the executive with a flash drive would certainly have the most impressive design. Brushed aluminium with laser engraving and reversed out screen printed text? Beats embossed Helvetica any day!

And if you are looking for a different design then please see our other website with an extensive range of Promotional USB.

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